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Does anyone remember what happened last night?

I don't remember ever being in Maryland.

are they hosting a super bowl party

(Translated by Google) Sho nuff. (Original) Sho nuff.

When is happy hour?

Not sure but I'm always happy when I'm there.

Any free parking around there during off season hours?

I'm a native from OC (moved to FL a year ago but go back home to visit family still there annually). Last time I went to the Cork Bar, during off-season, it was still free along Wicomico Street. Have fun!

How late do they serve food?

1 AM

Did the cork buy lucky anchor?

They have owned it from the start. I know the owners of both establishments very well and we spend several hours together every year. The purchase was subquential to the ownership.

Are you folks pet friendly?

Of course for service animals. Otherwise not so much.

Anyone know if they have English darts boards and not electronic boards?


Why do they put dollars on the ceiling?

Started when they opened . Look for Duffy's dollar and avoid Billy at all cost

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